Facilitation Lab:

In this project, we are trying to give Arab youth and experts all of our available resources to use their creativity to respond to social issues and contribute effectively to building a fairer, more caring, and equal society.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action for ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring the inclusion, peace, and prosperity of all people. Through SDGiNOVATION, Creativity Lab is providing Palestinian youth and women with the opportunity to use their creativity to respond to social issues and contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. SDGiNNOVATION is focused on increasing awareness and knowledge regarding the Sustainable Development Goals among young girls, women, and decision-makers. In this project, we aim to teach and learn about a sustainable future for Palestine, Egypt, and Lebanon. Through social innovation and entrepreneurship, it empowered young girls and women to make a difference in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SEWF Community Hub:

We aim to empower and support young people to become social innovators and entrepreneurs, providing them with the skills and confidence to tackle social issues facing them, their communities, and society in general. 

Implemented by Creativity Lab in collaboration with Social Enterprise World Forum.

Psychological Safety Retreat:

Psychological safety is the art of encouraging open communication within a team.
Creativity Lab facilitated the first psychological safety retreat in Palestine. It was organized in Ramallah city for two days (August 29-30).
A psychologically safe workplace puts employee well-being first and creates an environment in which employees thrive. Employees feel motivated, appreciated, and happy. Psychological harm is avoided. These workplaces have higher attendance rates and are easier to recruit and retain employees.

Implemented by Creativity Lab in cooperation with مسرح نعم Yes Theatre and Palestinian Maintenance Fund (PMF).


The core of the training has been the tailor-made simulation game “Al Zaytoun”, which deals with the topic of inclusive decision-making processes on a municipal level. The simulation furthermore integrates the e-participation platform CONSUL in the process and teaches its basic functions to the participants. As a next step, simulation game workshops on e-participation will be held throughout Palestine, which will form the base for developing digital solutions to community challenges in the second phase of the project.

 Implemented by Creativity Lab in cooperation with CRISP and GIZ.

The Creativity in Hard Times:

The Creativity in Hard Times is a series of workshops for Palestinian youth and entrepreneurs. The workshops aim at Defining innovation and creativity, and identifying the 4 components of creativity. Supporting the Palestinian youth and entrepreneurs to recognize their creativity, build their creative environment. Explaining the importance of creativity and innovation in organizations Recognizing elements that foster an innovative and creative work environment Use individual and group techniques to help generate creative ideas Implement creative ideas.

Project with NTFE:

A joint program between Creativity Lab and NFTE.

We are already licensed by them to deliver their programs in Palestine and Egypt.

Education & Entrepreneurship Hub:

STEAM and Climate Change:

Since its inception, the STEAM challenge has inspired hundreds of school students to pursue leadership roles in STEAM. Our beneficiaries have become inspirational leaders in their communities, schools and business. They have reached high for their education and professional goals, starting their own companies and winning professional awards. In addition, many have founded community hubs to help spread leadership and entrepreneurial skills to their classmates, promoting the value of an integrated education including STEAM. The Creativity Lab has developed an initiative to parallel with three United Nations Sustainable Develop Goals which are; climate change, civic duty and mental health. The Creativity Lab employs two methods to implement, process and measure its results during each year. It uses Project-Based Learning as a method to help school students and teachers experience ideation, innovation, and implementation of ideas as a team designed to solve problems as entrepreneurs in the areas of climate change. The lav uses Social Emotional Learning as a technique to create tools for personal development such as leadership. critical and design thinking, team building, self-care, finance and budgeting.

Water-preneurs Program:

Waterpreneurs is a social enterprise developed by Creativity Lab to accelerate collaborations between existing platforms and scale-up impact in the water nexus, at local and global levels.

Young Social Entrepreneur:

A young social entrepreneur program has been developed by the Creativity Lab with funding from local donors to "promote social innovation education in Arab schools." As a result of this project, young people can use their creativity to address social issues and build a more caring, egalitarian, and fair society. We achieve this by providing a customized program to empower and support young people to realize their potential as social innovators. This program provides the skills and confidence they need to address the social issues facing them, their communities, and society as a whole. Students in Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine are targeted for the 12-month initiative. The students work in groups to explore and develop creative solutions to social problems that concern them. It also targets teachers who assist the participants in developing new practices that meet the needs of their communities. As a result, it is important to conclude that the project contributes significantly to improving the students' psychosocial well-being and increasing their resilience during and after COVID19. Sub-objectives of the project include:

SO1: Empower and support school students to become social innovators and entrepreneurs, providing them with the skills and confidence to tackle social issues facing them, their communities, and society in general.

SO2: Guide Arab teachers in developing new practices that respond to the most complex needs and problems of society

SO3: Enhance the quality of the Arab countries educational systems, taking into consideration the main pillars of social innovation education.


The Focus program, provides technical assistance to Arab entrepreneurs and assists them in obtaining financing and investment. The Lab works with many entrepreneurs through different coaching and mentoring techniques.

Youth Innovation Programs:

SDGs Market Place:

The SDGs Market Place is a series of workshops for Arab youth and entrepreneurs. Workshops are designed to: Introduce the Sustainable Development Goals and Design Thinking. Provide participants with an opportunity to explore community needs and connect them with the Sustainable Development Goals. Provide participants with an opportunity to design solutions and build prototypes. The marketplace allows participants to pitch their ideas.

Women's Entrepreneurship Development Program:


Creativity Lab works with women living in very marginalized communities. In participating in this project, women can gain confidence in their projects and themselves as entrepreneurs. In addition to helping women structure and plan out their projects, the lab assists them in achieving their entrepreneurial ambitions. A supportive and inspiring environment provides the right conditions for participants to generate, formulate, and think through their business plans. Over time, they implement and nurture their projects.


Creativity Lab strives to help women entrepreneurs develop their business activities, particularly those who are interested in taking action to protect the environment. It is important to note that the lab not only supports economic empowerment, but also contributes to the economic, social, and environmental development of the community. By providing the necessary tools and knowledge to integrate environmentally friendly techniques into their work, Creativity Lab supports women's awareness and understanding of sustainable development. Moreover, the lab's interventions are accompanied by coaching aimed at improving entrepreneurs' and entrepreneurs' commercial skills. As part of its mission, The Lab strives to assist women entrepreneurs in developing a business activity that is both sustainable financially and environmentally.